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EB Listening: Principles Of Geometry’s new album in full

EB Listening: Principles Of Geometry's new album in full The time has come for our next EB Listening – a series of exclusive full album pre-listenings which have featured VCMG, Elektro Guzzi, Atari Teenage Riot, ZZT and many others to (y)our speakers. Today we bring you Principles Of Geometry, the French duo from Lille that’s just a few days away from releasing their third full-length Burn The Land & Boil The Oceans.

The album is due for release May 7th via Tigersushi, and is accompanied by a suitably grandiose press release detailing how “Guillaume Grosso and Jeremy Duval were chosen by the Council of Elders, of the Ice Republic, to front the Principles of Geometry project: design a musical piece which could explain the history of humanity to a civilization who doesn’t understand our language; their ultimate goal being to find somewhere in space which could serve as a refuge for survivors of an Apocalypse.”

Check the album cover (the best we’ve seen so far in 2012, taken by photographer Justine Kurland) and press play to stream the full-length below:

Published April 23, 2012.