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EB Listening: Stream Scratcha DVA’s new Mad Hatter EP

We’ve been feeling the gloriously awry “Mad Hatter” track by Hyperdub producer DVA (he drops the “Scratcha” when he’s producing) for the last month or so. Its splintered percussion, creepy vocal sample and eighties electrofunk breakdown caught us off-guard and, inevitably, drew us in every time we heard it. Monday sees the release of the Mad Hatter EP on Hyperdub, a four-tracker that goes deeper down the rabbit hole, mining a rich seam of dancefloor mongrelism where deep level detailing is pressed into the service of swung riddims, E-d up monologues and mutant bass. In his own words, it’s a little “WTF”. The EP also includes a remix by footwork don DJ Rashad. You can stream the EP in its entirety and read a track-by-track from Scratcha DVA himself, below.

“Mad Hatter”
Mad Hatter was an experiment gone wrong. But in the end I liked the way it turned out. It’s the kind of tune what might make someone say “WTF”? in the rave.

“Gang Gang Riddim”
I didn’t intend for this track to be so clubby but as soon as the 808 bass got involved in the mixdown it was over. I watched it damage FWD>> at Dance Tunnel, Dalston when I tested it recently. Maybe I’ll get some vocal cuts on it next time round to go with the whole dancehall vybe of the instrumental.

“Chilli Burrito”
This tune is lifting up the rave whenever I play it. Depending on which event, I sometimes use it as an intro. Works like a rocket! Straight party vybes, a big sub and lots of midrange which is unusual for my productions normally.

“Walk It Out” (DJ Rashad’s Slip Away Remix)
Amazing remix. I was so happy Rashad actually offered to do this mix for me cos he liked the original track a lot. Then when I got the mix back I was blown away. I love dance tracks which have unexpected twists and this is one of them. ~

Published September 27, 2013.