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EB Listening: Tartelet’s Contemporary compilation

Copenhagen’s Tartelet label are a tasty proposition. Purveyors of defiantly innovative (but still dance floor friendly) house and techno, their roster is loaded with new talent alongside more established acts, including James Braun, Kenton Slash Demon and Brandt Brauer Frick. The release of the aptly titled Contemporary isn’t an attempt to canonise a burgeoning back catalogue or fashion their greatest hits; instead it’s an attempt to capture where they’re at right now, slap-bang in the middle of 2012. Featuring ten tracks by ten artists including, among the aforementioned, Muff Deep, Acid Woman and Mikkel Metal, it’s a fine snapshot of a label at the top of its game.


We’re streaming five tracks from the album. Check it out below.

Published August 06, 2012.