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EB Premiere: Adultrock – “Chants” (Naum Gabo remix)

Adultrock is the solo project of one Gav Elsted, whose previous artistic endeavors include a stint in Irish indietronica band Super Extra Bonus Party. As Adultrock, however, Elsted creates tripped out house excursions that sound as if they’re beamed in from the shoulder of Orion rather than, say, Dublin, where he resides. His music has caught the ears of label Bodytonic, who’ve signed Elsted up to release his debut EP Chants, a five track release—and they’ve also roped in a few friends in high places to give Adultrock a leg up. The EP features reworks from L.I.E.S’ Ron Morelli and Svengalisghost while Optimo supremo JG Wilkes steps up in his Naum Gabo guise. We liked the latter interpretation so much that we’ve landed the exclusive premiere. What are you waiting for? Be the first to get your ears around this slice of raw and arpeggiated house, above.

Adultrock’s EP Chants is out March 31st on vinyl, April 14th on digital, through Bodytonic Music. Pre-order here.

Published March 25, 2014.