Telekom Electronic Beats

EB Premiere: Alphabets – IV

Our favorite DIY Los Angeles label Deathbomb Arc is gearing up for some serious Summer cassette releases in a variety of sounds; from the experimental R&B electronics of Yola Fatoush to the harsh noise/hip-hop of Clipping (featuring, among others, Jonathan Snipes of the godly Captain Ahab). It’s the latest junt from Denver’s Alphabets, however, that mosts excites us. This kid is probably one of the busiest underground musicians around, at least in terms of output—there was a time when he was releasing a new album every month (for free!), every one containing audio gold. The minimalistic beats on Sweatbee Dance Mix stay true to his formula of experimental, sub-ADD techno, but hearing it on cassette takes it to another level entirely. Here, it seems, is the proper home for Colin Ward’s strange and wonderful dance music: tape wrapped in plastic, an outdated concept (like techno, perhaps?) refreshed by a shining face. We’re pleased to bring you a glimpse of Sweatbee Dance Mix in the form of ‘IV’. As the title suggests, it’s the fourth track of five, a nearly twelve-minute opus of bouncing, chirping rhythms that build and build without giving release. Such a tease!




Deathbomb’s Summer 2012 cassette batch comes out September 11th. We highly suggest you order them.

Published August 11, 2012.