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EB Premiere: Bruxa – Paperweight Pt. 1

As you may have already guessed, we’re pretty into Bruxa.

The Portland trio’s dark and heavy dance music draws influences from several of our usual pleasures: the modern gothnicity of witch music, the grinding drops of dubstep, and the throbbing insistence of techno. Add a touch of screwed hip-hop and you have a gem of blackened sound that’s perfect for clubland seances.


Their latest LP VICTIMEYEZ, out digitally September 1 on MISHKA and in cassette form on Sweating Tapes in October, is packed with their trademark occultrave, both sensual and sinister. ‘Paperweight Pt. 1’ is our favorite track from the album, and (like our other favorite ‘Die At your Door‘) absolutely KILLS when you drop it at a party. Listen below to find out why.

Published August 24, 2012.