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EB Premiere: Bruxa – V?! (Nightmare Fortress Remix)

EB Premiere: Bruxa - V?! (Nightmare Fortress Remix) Portland’s Bruxa stole our ears with their 2011 single ‘Die At Your Door‘, all grinding, dub/trap-influenced beats that echo back the witch-influenced vibes lurking in the social online consciousness. Their latest single ‘V?!’ is even stronger/stranger; Haddaway meets DAF by way of Robots In Disguise? Now that’s focus.

The LA-based label Sweating Tapes is releasing their second EP, which contains this hard-hitting remix of ‘V?!’ by Nightmare Fortress, an equally intriguing group from Seattle. They’ve taken all traces of light from the original (which wasn’t much to begin with) and turned it into a stomping riot of Halloween horror-techno. Listen to the premier below, along with the original for cool comparison notes.

V?! (Nightmare Fortress Remix)


Published April 27, 2012.