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EB Video Premiere: CAN – Dead Pigeon Suite

EB Video Premiere: CAN - Dead Pigeon Suite CAN is a group who need no introduction. The experimental rockers have been consistently making some of our favorite avant-garde music for more years than we care to count. It’s always interesting to see something new from them, so we’re pleased to premiere their latest video. Set to a kaleidoscopic montage of vintage windup toys drumming away, ‘Dead Pigeon Suite (edit)’ features clattering woodenlike percussion and simplistic flute. It’s a dreamlike vibe very similar to the highly-underated Robin Williams vehicle Toys, actually. Watch it here, and be sure to check out the latest issue of Electronic Beats Magazine (which you can peruse below as well) for Justus Köhncke‘s recommendation of the ‘new’ CAN release.

Published July 02, 2012.