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EB Premiere: Kyoka – Is (Is Superpowered)

Allow us to introduce Kyoka’s debut record Is (Is Superpowered). The Japanese-born Berlin resident’s name has been on our radar for a while thanks to releases on Onpa and Raster-Noton. Up to now, her most notable release was probably 2012’s glitched-out Ish EP, but this full-length kicks things up a gear. Exploded textures and snatches of vocals are press ganged into the service of industrialized techno, bunker-proofed abstraction  and—at least once—processed dancehall. Rather surprisingly, she’s the first female artist to release a solo record on the Chemnitz-based label. Be the first to hear the album via this exclusive stream.

Kyoka’s Is (Is Superpowered) is out on May 5th on Raster-Noton.

Published April 29, 2014.