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EB Premiere: Melt your mind with Aïsha Devi’s “Throat Dub”

Danse Noire is still a relatively young label, but they’ve already released some of the most exciting music we’ve heard this year.

Hot on the heels of Algerian producer El Mahdy Jr’s Turkish-tinged grime EP comes label head Aïsha Devi‘s Hakken Dub/Throat Dub 12-inch, a four-track slab of ritualistic mutant gabber, Devi’s ribcage-rattling throat singing and two deadly remixes from IVVVO and Hieroglyphic Being. We’ve heard “Throat Dub” dropped a few places by now—Eomac opened with it during his recent Boiler Room set, in fact—and now we’re pleased to present the debut of the associated music video. It’s a heavily artifacted, nine minute shot of marathon runners doing what they do best: running a marathon.

Now, we realize some of you aren’t going to watch a nine minute, messed-up clip of slow-motion runners set to rhythmic throat singing. So here’s our little tip: there are many places in the world where it’s legal to be incredibly high. Maybe you don’t live in one of those places; if so, sorry about that. But as far as meditative weirdness goes, this is an excellent trance-inducer both aurally and visually. Dig your eyebrains into this one.


Hakken Dub/Throat Dub is out now via Danse Noire.

Published August 14, 2014. Words by EB Team.