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EB Premiere: Mind Dynamics’ Precision Instruments

Don’t be fooled by the corporate lustre of their titles, it’s all part of Mind Dynamics‘ desire to subvert the hi-tech, faster-better-stronger mindset of twenty-first century living. Foregoing the clean lines and HD-quality modern software has bestowed, The Brooklyn duo Daniel Freshwater and Brian Whateverer create decayed, feric-scarred techno. While their cover art and titles certainly the same obsession with branding and capitalist semiotics as vaporwave artists, the duo approach their music with far less ambiguity as to whose side they’re really on, and it ain’t the side of corporate muzak-making. Recorded live, these scrambled signals possess a twisted vitality—the rhythmic snap of “Juice Cleanse 2” feels like a Night Slugs cut buried beneath a dense crust of flotsam—which clatters and dissipates as if caught between long-lost AM bandwidths. This is music at its most deliberately abstruse, mussed up, and, somehow, vital. True to their concept, Precision Instruments is available on cassette from tomorrow via Vancouver’s 1080p label, but we’ve got the exclusive premiere today.

Mind Dynamics’ Precision Instruments is out on pro-dubbed cassette with free digital download on December 3rd.

Published December 02, 2013.