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EB Premiere: Rawaat – Day Laborer EP

We’ve championed Lobster Theremin from their very first release (premiering the inaugural record by Palms Trax right here) so it’s with a sense of pride that we’ve watched the London label develop into one of the most interesting imprints of 2014. Detroit youngster Rawaat continues the label’s exploration of burnt out analogue house and house and even pushes into the realms of ambient with the next dispatch, the Day Laborer EP. Rawaat’s fiercely DIY background—he also runs cassette label Crisis Urbana—is clearly audible on his debut 12-inch for Lobster, the characteristic decayed quality of his music surviving the transition to vinyl.

Featuring a remix by house provocateur Huerco S. under the name H.S. on the flip side, we urge you to acquaint yourselves with this stream of the full release—an EB exclusive.


Rawaat’s Day Laborer is out late June (date TBA) on Lobster Theremin.

Published June 13, 2014.