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EB Premiere: Watch Brendon Moeller’s throwback “Passage to Obscurity” video

Do you often catch yourself staring out the window, thinking about vague historical equivalencies? What was the Victorian rave? How about the channel for ecstatic musical improvisation in medieval Germany? We catch ourselves doing it all the time, and not just because we have too much time on our hands. Brendon Moeller knows what we’re talking about. In the new video for “Passage to Obscurity” off of his upcoming EP AS002 (Atrophic Society), the 44-year-old adopted New Yorker and South African expat syncs up his his deep, dark banger of a track with a live recording of a 50’s vibraphone orchestra, as well as a scantily clad female entertainer dancing with two people in a horse costume. Maybe this what your grandmother watched after popping mother’s little helpers?

Beyond the speculation: Moeller has been releasing quality dub-inflected techno since the mid-nineties and flossed his bass heavy DJ sets at Francois K’s Deep Space night in Cielo, as well as London’s Fabric and Berlin’s Berghain. Watch out for Atrophic Society label owner Craig McWhinney aka Vohkinne’s upcoming “Passage to Obscurity” remix. Should be tasty. ~








Published July 17, 2014. Words by EB Team.