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EB Premiere: When Saints Go Machine – Mannequin (Planningtorock Remix)

EB Premiere: When Saints Go Machine - Mannequin (Planningtorock Remix) When Saints Go Machine have been causing quite a stir with their latest single (and it’s beautiful video, reminiscent of a fairy tale told by the Brothers Quay), but we think the new Planningtorock remix even tops the original. Then again, we’ve become quite the Janine Rostron fanboys ever since last year’s breathtaking W. The remix comes packed with the single’s release, which popped out earlier this week, and the equal doses of stately progression and syrupy, dense paranoia that have infected it are sweet medicine to our ears. The Berlin-based Rostron will be hitting up Meltdown in August, and if this remix doesn’t make you want to be there, then that killer lineup (which features, among others, Light Asylum, Diamanda Galas, CocoRosie, and ELIZABETH FREAKIN’ FRASIER) definitely will.


Published June 22, 2012.