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EB Radio Mix: Ben Westbeech

EB Radio Mix: Ben Westbeech Editor’s note: As we mentioned last week, we’re still having troubles with our Radio. We’re trying to get this up as quickly as possible, but in the meantime enjoy the show in streaming Soundcloud format!

Ben Westbeech is one of the few musicians whose name is his genre. As he moves freely between Jazz, pop, house, R&B, blues and singer/songwriter there isn’t a chance to pigeonhole this artist in any way. The singer, producer, instrumentalist and DJ grew up in Hertfordshire with rave and jungle mixtapes, which he bought from the the local newsstand. Later he moved to Bristol to become a musician. It wasn’t long before he got signed to Brownswood, where he released his first LP Welcome to the Best Years of Your Life. Both, the debut and its follow-up There’s More To Life Than This (released through Strictly Rhythm) received high appreciation from critics and audiences alike. “I love timeless music”, says Westbeech. Maybe he’ll be regarded as timeless himself one day, as the timeless can hardly be categorized. Enjoy his exclusive EB Radio mix below:

Published April 16, 2012.