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The Gorillaz Tour Diary Part 4: A Powerful Finish In Cologne

It’s an unfortunate truth that all good things must come to an end. Last night, Gorillaz took to the stage in Cologne for the final installment in their album showcase series with Telekom Electronic Beats, which previously stormed through Katowice, Budapest and Warsaw. Each night, the band worked through a selection from their recent album, Humanz, plus a few unexpected fan favorites.

There’s a good chance that you followed along with the show last night via our worldwide 360-degree video live stream. If so, then you don’t need us to tell you that it was something special. (If not, then check back soon for on-demand).

For us, last night really underscored how legendary Gorillaz is. In particular, the combination of bassist Seye Adelekan and drummer Gabriel Manuals Wallace has kept our feet moving for the entire journey. And though we’re sad that journey is over, we’re happy that it ended on such a positive note. Check out the photos below.

All photos by: Peyman Azhari  (Instagram)

Published June 21, 2017.