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EB Video Premier: Last Days of 1984 – River’s Edge

EB Video Premier: Last Days of 1984 - River's Edge Ever feel like your existence as a tentacle-faced singer is defined by the numerous exploding vases of flowers that are one of the few material objects inside the black void you live in? Err…yeah, nor us (unless you count our Burning Man experience, maybe) but Last Days of 1984 might be able to relate. The young Irish duo of Brian Rice and Darren Moloney have just released a video for their track ‘River’s Edge’, a lovely slice of tropical-influenced electropop that will leave your mind spinning as they fragment, shatter and reform into a mass of writhing, wormlike limbs. Just another day for these two. Their debut album Wake Up To The Waves is due out this summer on Osaka Records.

Published April 17, 2012.