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EB Video Premiere: Rikslyd – Techno Club

EB Video Premiere: Rikslyd - Techno Club We love you, France. You always seem to churn out the most fun electropop around. While performer Rikslyd may be originally Norwegian-based, her current city of Paris and associations with other underground pop divas like Butterclock make her (in our eyes anyway) an official part of the modern French Wave of Weird.

We’re pleased to bring you the world premier of Rikslyd’s latest video ‘Techno Club’. Directed by Maja Bergström, it’s a magical, scandalous adventure through a curious cabinet. Enter a B&W world of living S&M dolls with Diis and the artist collective House of Drama. Editing cuts tease and trick the eye as sexual chimeras evaporate just as quickly as they are formed. Is this how the French intelligentsia go clubbing? Meursault horny.

Published April 04, 2012.