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EB Video Premiere: Ada – Happy Birthday

EB Video Premiere: Ada - Happy Birthday Warm, beautiful, tranquil, sensual. All words that describe German producer Ada‘s album Meine zarten Pfoten (My Tender Paws). ‘Happy Birthday’ is the latest track to make the visual transition and, as you might have guessed, you can watch the debut right here. Shot in amazing Stalkervision, it’s a pretty simple format: woman dancing on the street, guy talking to her, someone recording the whole thing from a window or rooftop.

Ada took the time to answer a few of our questions as well:

What’s the deal with the animal picture covers?
Sebastian Riedl aka Basteroid is the person behind Areal’s and IRR’s artwork. He also painted the cover of my first album Blondie. The cover of Meine zarten Pfoten is a painting by DJ Koze. The only thing they may have in common is the color pink. But Sebastian definitely loves painting animals.

How did you get in touch with Koze’s Pampa Label?
I was linked to Pampa since the label was founded. During the working-process I was in constant interchange about the album with Koze and Marcus Fink. If not Pampa I would have released it on my own label IRR, but in the end I found that Pampa was the perfect home for Meine zarten Pfoten. I’m still going to go on working with Areal and IRR as well.

How important are music videos for you these days?
Music videos were always important for me. I still have lots of old vhs-tapes from a long time ago when I used to record them from TV. This one here is my own first video made by a good friend – Ugur Yildirim.

Watch the video above, and stream full album here.

Published June 15, 2012.