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EB Video Premiere: Air Texture Volume III release video

The idea of creating trailers for an albums is a strange phenomenon and something we don’t normally encourage (remember Justin Timberlake’s attempt?) but this five minute “release video”, and the artistic gesture behind it, caught our attention. Conceived to celebrate the release of Air Texture III, this a conceptual piece that invites a different perspective to the music contained on the compilation—and that pun is partly intended. Created by Plot Point Productions, it’s a montage of over eighty famous clips from films, all shot from the same angle—the back to the camera perspective normally used to reveal context and invite pause. Many of these shots have become incredibly iconic, and no doubt you’ll know many of the films included which adds a layer of geekery to the affair. However, trainspotting aside, it’s the combination of deep, ruminative sound and often expansive visuals which makes for a powerful piece that matches the scope of the release.

A double album, Air Texture III, like the previous editions, has called upon two artists to curate the records; this time around it’s Scott Monteith (Deadbeat) and Gregor Asch (DJ Olive) who serve to join the dots between the experimental musical histories of New York and Berlin. The tracks used in the short film are SHRUBBN!!’s “Echo 8|4”, Multipolyomni’s “Titicaca Moon”, and Exercise One’s “Toy Park”, all taken from Air Texture III.

Additional editing by Jasper Sharp. Music mixed by Escape Art.

Air Texture Volume III is out now via Air Texture

Published October 18, 2013.