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EB Video Premiere: Fiordmoss – Hard a Starboard

EB Video Premiere: Fiordmoss - Hard a Starboard Their yearning, Nordic-style electrofolk has made Fiordmoss one of the most acclaimed up-and-comers to emerge from the Czech independent music scene. The duo’s trio’s most recent album Ink Bitten was first released digitally in February 2012, and recently re-released on June 4th (complete with remixes) in a snazzy vinyl edition. “The title draws inspiration from the phenomenon of late 19th century ‘tattoo ladies’” they told us in a previous interview. “Most of the songs tell stories that fascinated us last year, taken either from the past or from our inner selves.

Since the members of the project are also active as artists, the first video off the new record was self-produced together with Katrína Mogensen from the Icelandic band MAMMÚT. The track was inspired by the story of Stephan Rehorek, a Czech sailor who photographed the iceberg that the Titanic crashed into only a few days after the fateful accident. Meanwhile, Fiordmoss are planning to move to Germany in autumn, so watch this space to hear more from them.

Published July 03, 2012.