Telekom Electronic Beats

EB Video Premiere: John Tejada – Radio Channel

In the mood for something weirdly sensual and shadowy? John Tejada‘s new David Minick-directed video might just fit the bill, especially if you didn’t get enough of of him during his recent Radio Session. In his latest visual, a woman shifts and grooves in a darkened void lit only by a series of electronic lights designed by Neil Jansen. The atmosphere is reminiscent of Purgatory: no obvious location is given, and the dancer (Tiffany Billings, who choreographed the video) moves to no audible beat. Without a personality, she is made as lifeless as the lights surrounding her, an automaton grinding and grooving to the ambient dronescape of “Radio Channel”…perhaps forever, dance without end, amen. The track comes off Tejada’s latest LP The Predicting Machine. It’s not quite bleak, but it does echo with a touch of despair that fits the seasonal grayness perfectly.

Published November 06, 2012.