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EB Video Premiere: LA Vampires with Maria Minerva – End of the World

We always have time for two of our favorite weirdo outsider darlings: 100% Silk honcho Amanda Brown (here in her LA Vampires guise) and avant-pop starlet Maria Minerva. This video, composed of footage shot by Benjamin Shearn on the 100% Silk live tour and shot through with neon light, is a triumph of basement DIY aesthetics gone HD-slick. The clip partners the rough textured and incantational “End of the World” single taken from their collaborative album The Integration LP and reaffirms what we always suspected: that 100% Silk and Not Not Fun rarely put a foot wrong these days. We’re already looking forward which releases and tunes will come to light next year. Until then, enjoy their latest chapter right here on Electronic Beats.

Published December 10, 2012. Words by moritz.schmall.