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EB Video Premiere: Ras G – Light from Los Angeles

Ras G is well known throughout the Los Angeles underground hiphop scene, carving a niche for himself that is equal parts futuristic and traditional. The co-owner of the Poo-Bah label co-owner instrumentals sound as they’ve been taken apart and then put back together in wilder, rawer configurations, drenched in dub and static and processed through a malfunctioning supercomputer. In short, they’re just the sort of thing we love to hear.

Today, we get to see it as well. Together with filmmaker Ariana Natale, ‘Light From Los Angeles’ uses ‘Bus Ride’ as the soundtrack to follow Ras on a day in his beloved city; his electronics, of course, are by his side the entire time. Light From Los Angeles is also the name of the compilation ‘Bus Ride’ is taken from; the same one dublab is releasing on October 23rd, in fact. The non-profit radio station collective have been on the air for 13 years now, sending out wonderful waves of audio to many an ear, and this multimedia album (which also contains exclusive music videos and songs from many other LA Artists artists including Julia Holter, Sun Araw and Nite Jewel) celebrates their hard word. Highly recommended.

Published October 16, 2012.