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EB Video Premiere: Stefan Goldmann – Carrion Crow

There’s surprisingly little carrion in Stefan Goldmann‘s latest video for ‘Carrion Crow’; in fact, there’s none at all. The track, which comes off his upcoming LP 17:50, is replete with plenty of whirrs, bleeps and a skittery, jumpy beat with a touch of classic Nintendo vibe (we thought of Excitebike, but it’s been a while) but nary a piece of decomposing flesh (no crows either, but there is a pretty sweet trashcat at the beginning). There’s plenty of dumpster excitement, however, as garbagemen work throughout the night to make sure the city is a cleaner place. If you’ve ever felt that these cowboys of crud were under-appreciated, or would just love to take a visual journey through spastic camerawork, watch the premiere right here. 17:50 drops September 24th on Goldmann’s co-run imprint Macro; stream a preview here.

Published August 27, 2012.