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EB Video Premiere: Tosca – JayJay featuring J.J. Jones

Today’s Video Premiere comes courtesy of Tosca, the longrunning and highly successful project of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber. “Jay Jay” is taken from the duo’s sixth album Odeon. Speaking about the album, Dorfmeister explains, “There is a kind of darkness in it. But it’s a darkness that merges into lightness as well.” Indeed, the video is a subdued affair composed of a limited color palette which suits the record’s spare production and two-note melody. It also prominently features guest vocalist J.J. Jones, a singer from Nashville who Dorfmeister and Huber first encountered when he was part of a Led Zep tribute band. You can read an in-depth interview that Tosca did with EB editor-in-chief Max Dax by heading here.

Published February 04, 2013. Words by Louise Brailey.