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EB Video Premiere: Yearning Kru – “Ghoul Park”

Following yesterday’s Videodrome selection (the best videos of the week, every week), today we continue the constant delivery of cool, new music videos with a premiere for one of the most striking labels of the year.

It’s patten‘s London-imprint Kaleidoscope, which already brought us glorious cassette releases from the likes of Karen Gwyer, Vanilla HammerOrphan and Sculpture. Next one up, the Croydon born, Taiwan-based producer Yearning Kru who’s about to drop his two-part album, Cracked Lacquer/Vandium, limited to 23 unique hand-numbered C30 compact cassettes later this month. Following up on his first, self-released Didyah EP from 2010, Yearning Kru seems to be still working in heavily manipulated, outsider electronica. Get an idea below, while watching the self-made, data-mosh video.

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Kaleidoscope will release Cracked Lacquer/Vanadium by Yearning Kru on July 23rd.

Published July 18, 2013.