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EB Video Premiere: Zola Jesus – Seekir

EB Video Premiere: Zola Jesus - Seekir It’s fitting that the opening image of Zola Jesus‘ new video for ‘Seekir’ is a shot of blossoming light, for we’ve witnessed the singer bloom from out of the shadows of her noisy beginnings. Who would have ever suspected such beauty lurking behind the sludge-production of ‘Soeur Sewer‘. Not that we don’t love that noisy slab of evil as well, but it’s an entirely different beast, one that doesn’t show the full range of her operatically-trained lungs. But that voice broke free and soared, leading up to the epic 2011 LP Conatus, from which ‘Seekir’ is taken. In the premiere of this blindingly white piece, we see Danilova as prophet or madonna…or perhaps even Madonna, though there’s still a touch of Diamanda Galas as well. Step into the light and have your breath taken away by a performance worthy of the avant-pop diva lurking underneath that slight frame. And if this is pop in 2012, we’re living in a beautiful world indeed.

Published July 09, 2012.