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Editor’s Choice 4

We listen to a lot of music. Like, a lot. It’s pretty much the point of our jobs, of course, but there’s another reason: we love music. We love buying records, we love going to shows, and (okay, sure) we love finding spur-of-the-moment leaks of heavily-anticipated albums, just like (we hope) you. Music is pretty much our lives.

Rather than operate as a music news source, operates more as a music information source. We want to share with you; we want you to know what we’re hearing. Welcome to Editor’s Choice: our weekly playlist of what’s making our ears burn.

Walter (Community Manager / Editor)
Percussions – Bird Songs

Gotta love the sound of birds chirping. What’s even better? Birds chirping alongside a massive bass drum. I’m even more curious about ‘Rabbit Songs’ on the single’s A side, though. This one’s out soon on Four Tet‘s TEXT label.

Rustie – After Light feat. AlunaGeorge

Last year’s Glass Swords album by Rustie was a bit of a late bloomer for me, which is why I can heavily celebrate this Aluna Francis re-fitting of Rustie’s ‘After Light’.


Daniel (Editor)
LE1F – Fresh

Been waiting for this kid to break for years now. Finally the world is ready for him. God-level shit.

Suicide Silence – Bludgeoned To Death (MANTIS Remix)

The original is by some terrible scene-teen band I’ve never heard of, but Mantis turn it into an industrialized filthkiller. This one’s for bleeding.


Moritz (Duty Editor Online)
Mark Wundercastle – HI-NRG

Some refreshing breaks and beats from über-talented Mark Wundercastle: Hi NRG / Your love is lifting me / Yeah / Hi NRG / Your love is lifting me / Lifting me high / High / Oooh, so high.

Holly Miranda – Slow Burn Treason (Jamie XX Edit)

As heard on his Essential Mix from last year. Now the full version has appeared online. Most of all / I just don’t want to be free, no.


Michael (Duty Editor Print)
Daphni – Ye Ye

Just learned that my man Dan Snaith is about to release a full-length under his dancefloor alter-ego. ‘Ye Ye’ got released last year on a split 12″ together with the insane Four Tet track ‘Pinnacles’. Check the discogs value to get a feel for what this dope piece of plastic should be worth for you too.

Flying Lotus – Between Friends Instrumental (Thundercat version)

Dude’s just uploaded a bunch of new cuts to his SoundCloud, one of which is the instrumental version of ‘Between Friends’, FlyLo’s collaborative jam with Earl Sweatshirt and ‘Captain Murphy’, who is probably just Tyler. Thanks to Some Kind Of Awesome! for ponting this out.

Published July 25, 2012.