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Editor’s Choice 11

What’s that? You want to know what’s been going in our ears this week, reverberating our cochleas and sending broader vibrations throughout our bodies and by extension our audio-addled souls? That’s a coincidence: here’s this week’s Editor’s Choice.


Michael Aniser (Contributing Editor)
Expo 70 – Waves in Caverns of Air

Drones always work for me, especially when they are layered upon faded Krautrock bits and psychedelic fragments.

Xander Harris – The Case of Antoine Rogue

Xander Harris just dropped this tune on as part of a 5 disk floppy compilation. Are floppy disks the new tapes?




Daniel Jones (Editor)
Struchni – Machine of Decay (WIP)

I have all this aggression in me lately….

DJ Skull Vomit – Swamp Bitch (Bong-Ra’s DoomBitchShitPounder RMX)

Things like this help though. This amazing remix (from an equally amazing EP) is featured on my latest mixtape too.




AJ Samuels (Editor)
TEEN – Come Back

The NYC quartet teamed up with Sonic Boom for their debut LP In Limbo, released this passed August on Washington D.C’s burgeoning Carpark label. Kember’s double-dip lysergic touch is not to be overheard, though ‘Come Back’ veers off into poppier Ronettes territory . . . with a dash of MGMT. Wait: Ronette’s mgmt = Phil Spector. All sleight of brain.

Morning Factory – Anna Logue’s Sleepover

Emotive deep house from Dutch duo Morning Factory, whose EP will be released this month as part of Clone Record’s Jack for Daze throwback series. Rotterdam pleasurecore.




Moritz Gayard (Duty Editor Online)
Michael Mayer – Good Times (Smartphone Version)

Co-founder of Cologne’s Kompakt label, Mayer has earned more stripes in the Tech House-world than would fit on the average José’s sleeve. This is the first single off of just-released album Mantasy in a Smartphone version.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Reliquary House

Really handy music to drive your office mates nuts. Though Daniel is always some steps ahead.

Photo: Michael Lutz

Published September 11, 2012.