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Editor’s Choice 14

What’s that? You want to know what’s been going in our ears this week, reverberating our cochleas and sending broader vibrations throughout our bodies and by extension our audio-addled souls? That’s a coincidence: here’s this week’s Editor’s Choice.~ Photo: Michael Aniser


Louise Brailey (Editor)
Heartbeat(s) – Let Yr Body Since they called it a day, the erstwhile LOL Boys have hardly been caught shirking. This time it’s Vancouver’s Markus Garcia’s turn. He’s just dropped four new songs under the Heartbeat(s) moniker and pick of the bunch is this aqueous riff on vertiginously deep and dubbed-out house music.

New York (Angel Haze vs Jamie xx) At first this seemed too easy; one minor UK bass classic from 2010 meets one buzzed-loaded rapper … now stand back and watch the internet implode under critical mass of keyboard wank, However, the result is far more artful than that reductive knee-jerk description (funny that) with Haze’s pitched down bars binding with the rubberised and manipulated beat to create a brand new medicated admixture.


Michael Aniser (Contributing Editor)
Noveller – Bleached Beach Since I got asked to organize a concert for Noveller, I just can’t stop listening to Sarah Lipstate‘s spheric guitar works.

Tjutjuna – Desert Song Tjutjuna‘s layerd soundscapes transform LSD-infused psych-jams into majestic drone build-ups. Power-psych or space-punk, if you need genres.


Daniel Jones (Editor)
Death Grips – Lock Your Doors Is anyone out there actually not listening to the new Death Grips? If so *points toward screen* freeeeeeeeeeeeakkk.

Duck Grips – Quackyon

Quack quack QUACK, Mr. Ducksworth. You old piece of shit, I’m taking this hockey team and going to the finals.

Published October 03, 2012.