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Editor’s Choice 15

What’s that? You want to know what’s been going in our ears this week, reverberating our cochleas and sending broader vibrations throughout our bodies and by extension our audio-addled souls? That’s a coincidence: here’s this week’s Editor’s Choice.~ Photo: Louise Brailey


Michael Aniser (Contributing Editor)
KK Null – A Page Of Madness

Bleak, exciting and without making any compromises. The bit-tuney stuff in the end leads straight to:

Fatima Al Qadiri – Ghost Raid

I did an interview with Fatima Al Qadiri last year – this track from her upcoming Desert Strike EP is just too good not to be posted.

Moritz Gayard (Online Duty Editor)
FIDLAR – White On White

Man, I gotta admit: I hate guitars. And I love this. Missmatch? Maybe for you. For me this is a goldie:fast forward r.o.c.k…

Erkin Koray – Fesuphanallah (3asy-K Trap Bootleg)

Are you looking for a new hero? May I introduce Erkin Koray, one of the coolest turkish musicians around. Alive and kicking since the Seventies.

AJ Samuels (Senior Print Editor)
Arpanet – Live

Excerpts from a set almost identical to the one I caught 3 weeks ago at ://aboutblank. Longplayer desperately needed.

Non – Turn Me On, Dead Man

NONsense: Boyd Rice famously distinguished himself from Genesis P-Orridge by claiming that he makes noise because he finds it pleasant to listen to, not because it’s confrontational. That’s an interesting lie. Here a taste of the upcoming bubblegum-cacophony off Back To Mono (Mute).

Published October 10, 2012.