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Editor’s Choice 5

Welcome to Editor’s Choice: our weekly playlist of what’s special to our ears. Every day, loads of music passes through us; we consume it like locusts and it in turn consumes us. The goal of a society is Togetherness. Join in our consumption: Together, we share a listening experience beyond the ivory pale.


Walter (Community Manager / Editor)
The Kings Of Dub Rock – Kinder der Sonne

Picking up some German now and then won’t do you wrong. Jacques Palminger and his Kings of Dub Rock bring lessons in dub & humor all the way from Hamburg city!

Two Fingers – 101 South

Whenever I talk Amon Tobin amongst friends, the conversation usually ends with the words “visually stunning, but musically too complex to listen to at home”. While I’m of the opinion that this is a bollocks statement, I’d like to offer them the palm branch from here on. Amon Tobin is back as Two Fingers with a new album on October 1. Here’s a first impression to get rid of musical resentments.


Daniel (Editor)
Bestial Mouths – Hollowed

Off an upcoming live cassette. Powerful and soul-crushing, sheer tribal bliss that travels through you like heavy smoke. Black voice that made me.

Teengirl Fantasy – EFX feat. Kelela

I can’t believe I’m missing Swans this weekend. I want to get murdered, but tracks like this make it all better. I heard this and said ‘Damn.’


Moritz (Duty Editor Online)
(((S))) – Alive/Die

Seriously cant get enough of (((S))) – and it’s so refreshing that you can’t find any news about this band through Google…

Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows

My beloved Girls got a new EP coming out later this year called End Of Daze; here’s an appetizer from it.


Michael (Duty Editor Print)
Crime & The City Solution – On Every Train (Grain Will Bear Grain)

Australian post-punk outfit Crime & the City Solution just announced a world tour, their first shows since two decades. There’s also a compilation set for release onMuteIntroduction To… Crime & the City Solution / A History Of Crime – Berlin 1987 focuses maily on tracks from C&TCS’s 1980s Berlin era. Sensation for a few of us!

Hot Chip – Look At Where We Are (Four Tet Remix)

I’m not the biggest fan of Alexis Taylor’s fragile helium voice but whatever track treated by Kieran Hebdan moves onto my playlist.


A.J. Samuels (Editor)
Good Teeth – Ghikas & Walshe

Former Wire cover woman Jennifer Walshe teams up with composer Panos Ghikas of British pop surrealists The Chap to improvise around manipulated vocal samples and live vocal weirdness. Sounds you would usually ignore, explored.

Camera – Ausland

Proto-krautrockers Camera have released their first LP on Bureau B, a fitting home for the Berlin-based trio. Their sound is somewhat derivative, but Michael Drummer’s choice of a stand tom instead of a bass drum is a stroke of genius—a true innovation to the Klaus Dinger-like apache rhythms that drive this band. IMO, Camera are best heard live—preferably in one of Berlin’s hally Ubahn passageways they’re known to spontaneously rock.


Louise (Interning Editor)
Rick Ross – 911

Yes, the album was a disappointment, with Rozay straying from what he does best: gilded trap pantomime. This then was a standout by virtue of the fact that it sounds like it could’ve come from the (far better) Rich Forever mixtape or Teflon Don. URRGGH!

Rustie feat. AlunaGeorge – After Light (Again? – Ed.)

Aluna Francis brings some r’n’b hyper-femininity to Rustie’s swollen, high tensile Ableton prog. Of course it works, are you crazy?

Published August 02, 2012.