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Editor’s Choice: April 20th, 2013

Rather than operate as a music news source, Electronic Beats operates as a music information source. We want to share with you; we want you to know what we’re hearing, what’s reverberating through our cochleas and sending broader vibrations throughout our bodies, and by extension our audio-addled souls. Down with that? Welcome to Editor’s Choice.


Michael Aniser (Contributing Editor)

PVT – “Vertigo” (Hype Williams Snapback Remix)

What’s a remix? If you listen to the original PVT track here and the Luke Abott remix here followed by this kinda uncanny sweet-16 rework, it’s clearly the standout. After all, PVT is an experimental rock band, so what’s not to like about some weird fuzzed-out samples on top of a psych beat. 2014, here we go.

Baglady – “4 LOGO”

This mix is just super fun! It has all the ingredients to make you go crazy— samples of gunshots, Eurodance, ’90s dance, you name it!


Lisa Blanning (Online Editor)

Roger Robinson – Contemplate Mixtape

Roger is a vocalist best known for his work with The Bug, especially in King Midas Sound. With this free mixtape (you can download the whole thing here), he adds his own vocals over instrumentals by the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never and Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto. As ever, his voice is absolutely haunting.

Sensate Focus – “x” (from 2)

The new Sensate Focus 12″ is out (!), which is exciting news for me, as it’s one of my favorite projects—the dance-oriented work from a primarily experimental electronic artist. While helmed by Mark Fell, for this edition in his 12-inch series he enlists the help of his ‘bandmate’ in SND Mat Steel.


Louise Brailey (Online Deputy Editor)

The-Drum – “Sirens”

The first track from the Chicago duo‘s debut is less a shot across the prow than the disquieting swell beneath the deck, a cluster of organic, hand-drum percussion percussion, aqueous reverb and stray electrical ferics.


Moritz Gayard (Online Duty Editor)

Laurel Halo – “Throw”

First new tune from Behind The Green Door, Halo‘s upcoming May release on Hyperdub. And if you wanna know why Laurel just moved to Berlin, check Philip Sherburne’s recent interview in Spin.

Luke Wyatt – “Teen Hawk”

Luke Wyatt (aka Torn Hawk) has already had some mind blowing releases on Long Island Electrical Systems. Now he’s ready to drop his first release on Emotional Response with a collection of even better new sounds. Some snippets above.


Daniel Jones (Contributing Editor)

Pictureplane – “Pure War”

Haven’t heard much from Travis Egedy since 2011’s fantastic Real Is A Feeling LP, so it was a treat to hear his booming liquid beats and heartfelt philosopher’s voice spin a new world again. While this one isn’t planned (officially, anyway) as a single, it’s available on the soundtrack for the brawler video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, which also looks fairly sick.

Munguugnum – “Sounds Of Love (Sluggish Love)”

Sorry; I’m a bit slow today. ~


Photo by Daniel Jones.

Published April 19, 2013. Words by Daniel Jones.