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Editors’ Choice: July 6, 2013

Rather than operate as a music news source, Electronic Beats operates as a music information source. We want to share with you; we want you to know what we’re hearing, what’s reverberating our cochleas and sending broader vibrations throughout our bodies, and by extension our audio-addled souls. Down with that? Welcome to Editors’ Choice.


Lisa Blanning (Online Editor)

Migos –”Versace” (feat. Drake)

This track actually should have been in last week’s edition of Editors’ Choice, and y’all have probably already heard this. But I just wanted to reiterate that Drake’s verse on this version of Migos’s “Versace” (produced by Zaytoven) should be enough to silence any claims decrying Drizzy’s ability to rap.


Louise Brailey (Deputy Online Editor)

Astral Pattern – “Faraway”

The members of S.C.U.M. who aren’t Thomas “Mr. Geldof” Cohen have reformed, dumped the leather jackets and Throbbing Gristle vinyls off at the charity shop and gone all dream pop. While this feels more like a pretty sketch than any great manifesto (geddit, “S.C.U.M.”, “Manifesto”) there’s a heart-squeezing sense of melodics, played on creaky analog gear, amid the swirls of hippy-dippy flotsam.

A$AP Ferg – “Shabba” (feat. A$AP Rocky)

A$AP Ferg is pretty much everyone’s new favorite member of A$AP Mob and here he supplies a brooding ode to dancehall icon Shabba Ranks (“He defined jiggy“, Ferg told Pitchfork in this eccentric interview, and he’s got a point). Can Trap Lord just come out already?


Moritz Gayard (Online Duty Editor)

 Mr. Oizo  – “Solid” (feat. Marilyn Manson)

Yesterday Quentin Dupieux, our man in Paris, gave away his Amicalement EP for free via his website. The second track, a collab with Marilyn Manson, owns.

Hockeysmith – “Now I Want To”

Sisters Annabel and Georgia Hockey-Smith have just dropped their first ever track into the interwebs and now I can’t wait for their debut full-length which will be out later this year.

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – “All Is Well…”

Brainfeeder’s Ras G has a new tune to offer. Entitled “All Is Well…” this is the first glimpse of his upcoming album “Back On The Planet”, out in August. Great ending, btw.


Daniel Jones (Contributing Editor)

Chelsea Wolfe – “Cousins Of The Antichrist” (NanosauR Remix)

This week’s choices are things I’ve been relistening to based on excitement for upcoming albums. The first is NanosaurS’ beautiful, repitched remix of this Chelsea Wolfe classic, which essentially turns the Queen’s somber original into an all-chrorus bass-groover. Lovely and mindmelting.

Author & Punisher – “Doppler”

Tristan Shone uses homemade electronics to turn his one-man doom-metal sludge into jagged buzzsaw harmonies; the result is a monstrous thing to hear, and sick as fuck live. While I eagerly anticipate his new album Women & Children arriving in the mail, I’ve had his debut Drone Machines on full blast. Perfect summer sounds, if you like your summers savage.


Michael Lutz (Magazine Duty Editor)

DJ Rashad – “I Don’t Give a Fuck”

This title track of Rashad’s upcoming EP, due for release on Hyperdub in late July, is the best track I’ve heard all week.

Anthony Naples – El Portal EP

The Trilogy Tapes made some great artworks, but this one is just amazing. As is the music…

Published July 05, 2013.