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Editor’s Choice: March 2nd, 2013

Rather than operate as a music news source, Electronic Beats operates more as a music information source. We want to share with you; we want you to know what we’re hearing, what’s reverberating through our cochleas and sending broader vibrations throughout our bodies, and by extension our audio-addled souls. Welcome to Editor’s Choice.

Daniel Jones (Contributing Editor)
Vessel – “Carele$$ Wi$pa (APErmx)”

While I’ve never been overly drawn to Vessel’s off-kilter rhythms, this is a solid and earwormy remix of George Michael‘s 1984 single—no sax, all sex.


Bestial Mouths – “Hollowed”

POWERFUL. It’s a pleasure to see Bestial Mouths gradually grow in scope and fame. “Hollowed”, which recently premiered on Vice, is a howling and merciless post-punk rager off their 12″ split with Deathday. That bad boy can be snagged from the always-entrancing Sweating Tapes.


Louise Brailey (Deputy Editor)
Otik – “Thugluv”

Remember when Boddika and Joy Orbison remodelled Tronco Tracks’ “Walk For Me” into “Swims” and suddenly a bunch of blokes in jaunty baseball caps were bro-dancing to vogue? This track pulls a similar trick: London-bred bass music that, for all its snap and flex, pins its payoff to a fierce “WERK ME!” sample. All eyes on the forthcoming Otik EP on Prism Tracks.


Azealia Banks – “Barely Legal” (The Strokes cover)

That’s the NME front cover in the bag, then.


Lisa Blanning (Online Editor)
Patrice & Friends – “Greeen Linez”

Patrice & Friends (aka Slackk) remixes Greeen Linez for a strangely appropriate meeting of the minds where juke and 80s-style boogie meet.


Moritz Gayard (Online Duty Editor)
Gut Nose – “Time Traveler”

Slow beats are better than weed: “Time Traveller” is a standout masterpiece from out of nowhere, taken from Gut Nose’s already sold-out debut tape eaT biskiT. If you run a label, I suggest you sign them.

Jonas Reinhardt – “Elimination Street”

Jonas Reinhardt is a trio which you might have stumbled over during last year’s omnipresence of Not Not Fun. But you should try this trip, which features some “I feel love” vibes with vocals by Meryl Press on top.


Walter W. Wacht (Social Media Manager)
AlunaGeorge – “Attracting Flies”

AlunaGeorge are finally (we first covered them in April of 2011) putting out their debut album Body Music on July 1, and their new single “Attracting Flies” is definitely not only luring for insects, but also for triggering my pop pleasure-zone.

Published March 01, 2013.