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Editor’s Choice: March 9th, 2013

Rather than operate as a music news source, Electronic Beats operates as a music information source. One of the things about being incorrigible music geeks is that we need our enablers—we want to share with you; we want you to know what we’re into and to spread the boundless enthusiasm for new music that bounces off the walls of EBHQ. Welcome, then, to Editor’s Choice.

Michael Aniser (Online Contributing Editor)

DJ Richard – Nailed to the Floor

This is probably one of the sickest tracks I’ve heard this year! I just can’t stop putting that track off again, tatatatatata. You should keep an eye on DJ Richard and his label White Material where simple house structures transform into something entirely new—think L.I.E.S.

Delroy Edwards – Drop Dead

That’s what I mean. I think this is the time, I’ve officially started to like house again.

Dasha Rush – Interception of Arts

This doesn’t really need a comment.


Lisa Blanning (Online Editor)

DJ Q – “Trust Again” featuring Louise Williams

This single actually dropped last month, but I’m including it now because I didn’t mention it at the time, and I think DJ Q is severely underrated. Although he came up in bassline, his recent work with more garage flavor is just the right amount of skippy swing and pop sweetness.


Louise Brailey (Deputy Online Editor)

Sega Bodega – Konerak

Glaswegian artist Sega Bodega overlays reticent piano across a percolating and glassy synth motif. What makes this track so splendid is its incessant build and release (accompanied by illustrative “whoooooosh” sound). These dynamics, to ears adjusted to the now, recall the adrenalin bulged, neck-vein-poppin’ dance pop filling up the charts. If this is a good or bad thing depends on what side of the feedback loop you’re on.

Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray

I heard this on Hessle Audio’s Rinse FM show on Thursday. It sounds a little like Foals—or perhaps more accurately, Friendly Fires—crushing on Plastikman. Now there’s a fanfic I’d like to read (I wouldn’t).


Daniel Jones (Online Contributing Editor)

Zebra Katz – Y I Do

Y? Because we like u! *ahem* As with most of the blog-concious web on Wednesday, I was all over Zebra Katz’s new video, projecting it on my walls, disturbing my neighbors with horrible vogue attempts (forgive me, Willi Ninja) and making loads of gifs. Fuck an album; Katz needs to release a DVD.

Hundebiss 4 Babylon Mixtape

Hundebiss label boss Simone Trabucchi recently put together this amazing mixtape for the Italian radio station Babylon packed full of rare, unreleased and classic cuts from (amongst others) Sewn Leather, Angels In America, and Stargate. There’s even a skit! More mixes need skits.


Michael Lutz (Magazine Duty Editor)

VED – Spectra

Did I ever mention my devotion to psyched-out static jamming? Here’s VED, a promising five-member band from Malmö, Sweden, who apply themselves to a vintage sound design and lull you in like sweet smoke. The 30+ minute mini-LP Spectra is out just now via Adrian Recordings on vinyl only, and here’s your chance to grab it.

Published March 08, 2013.