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Electronic Beats and Volkswagen present The Yellofier Remix Contest

UPDATE: The competition is now closed.

Congratulations to the winner, Adriano Capizzi from Bischofszell, Switzerland. You can listen to his winning entry here.

The Rhythm Divine

Things that make us say, “Ohhhh yeaahhh“: the Yellofier app, a collaborative piece of technology from Yello‘s Boris Blank and Swedish producer Håkan Lidbo released last year. As you can imagine, a tool that turns any sample you care to take into music is definitely something that holds our interest. In fact, you might have seen the booths (yellow, of course) that we set up for testing the app at one of last year’s EB Festivals. But now we gotta say yes to another excess: our first collaboration with Volkswagen, The Yellofier Remix Contest!

How How

Using only the tools of a specially-created edition of the Yellofier app (download it for iOS or Android)—drum computer, sequencer, special effects, and sampler—we invite you to remix Yello’s song “Move, Dance, Electrified”. Feel free to experiment and make your own field recordings with the app’s sampler, as well. The effects and sounds can easily be modified by your own hand, thanks to the intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Once your remix is done, upload it to via Soundcloud and spread the word—the best tracks will be decided by the number of votes listeners give it, so make sure to tell your friends! Get enough votes and your remix will be added to the Top 50 list, from which a panel of judges—including Yello as well as members of Electronic Beats and Volkswagen—will select the contest’s winner.


The winner of the contest will receive not one, but all of the following:

  • A new Volkswagen e-up! city car
  • A trip to an Electronic Beats Festival of their choice
  • An invitation to electrified! the e-mobility-weeks by Volkswagen club nights in Berlin to present the track with Yello
  • Remix releases on the Electronic Beats Compilation—as well as a special Volkswagen compilation—along with the best songs

Do It

The Yellofier Remix Contest takes place in conjunction with the app’s Android-launch and electrified! the e-mobility-weeks by Volkswagen in Berlin from March 8th until the 21st. Both the app and contest participation are free of charge and open to all, professionals and amateurs alike, but the competition closes on February 28th—so get remixing! And keep track of the action via the Facebook page. ~


Published January 22, 2014.