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Electronic Beats Budapest lineup announced: James Blake, Zoot Woman, Joy Wellboy & more!

Mmm—smell that air? The winds of change are coming, and so is EB Festival! We’re polishing our passports as we head off to beautiful Budapest once more—check out who we’re bringing with us on October 31st.

James Blake, we’re sure, needs no introduction. Not only has the London lad made some very memorable EB Festival appearances in the past, but his emotion-rich, emminently danceable and occasionally surprisingly heavy compositions have ensured that his profile continues to grow among discerning pop and bass music fans. With a new album halfway completed and scheduled for release next year, collaborations with Kanye West and Justin Vernon in the pipeline, and a buzz already gathering around his new track “200 Press”, you can be sure James will be at the peak of his powers.

Another London act, Zoot Woman became renowned as one of the forerunners of the mostly gone (but not forgotten) genre electroclash. These days, Adam and Johnny Blake and Stuart Price are crafting electro-heavy pop with a stylishly dark edge and a dance-ready beat that’s set to redefine matters all over again. With their new self-titled LP burning up discotheques across the world, one thing’s for certain: when Zoot Woman hit the stage, you’ll hit the floor.

Joy Wellboy‘s wild-eyed electro-pop made waves last year with their BPitch Control debut Yorokobi’s Mantra. This year, the Brussels-based duo are back with new EP Before The Sunrise, a joyfully weird celebration of life, love and everything in between. Live, the pair switch from electronics to acoustics to old instruments found in flea markets—anything to convey their message. “We want our music to move people, in every sense of the word”, say the duo. We’re looking forward to moving with you!

Update: UK experimentalist James Holden will join the festivities. Read all about the latest addition to the lineup over here.

Tickets are on sale now at,, Ticketportal offices and at Központ. (5 Madach Imre str., 1075 Budapest)

If you’re chatting it up about the festival via social media, hashtag #ElectronicBeats.


James Blake

Zoot Woman

Joy Wellboy

Published September 04, 2014. Words by EB Team.