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Electronic Beats Live Special Budapest 2011

Electronic Beats Live Special Budapest 2011

The highly anticipated launch party of Electronic Beats in Hungary was a huge success! Full house, stage diving, weird costumes and craziness!

Before the doors even opened up at 9PM, around 50 people were queueing in front of hip party venue Merlin of Budapest downtown. As the main attraction of the night, crazy Bonaparte showed up on the stage around midnight, the venue was completely full and around 80-100 people were still queueing outside.

As a warming-up c0p started the official launch party of Electronic Beats , then the electro-brothers Demon Superior electrified the place even more intensively. Their punishing live act, mixing East European cartoon music with a fashionable unique style was perfect for the dancefloor.

Glorious Bonaparte jumped onto the stage with a bang. As he and his weird-dressed friends turned on the energy for the rapturous crowd, hell broke loose as bears, nurses with gas mask, raven men and various fancy dresses appeared. The first row was happy to get some croissants or champagne from a messy Snow White, and went crazy for songs like ‘Anti Anti’, ‘My Horse Likes You’ and ‘Too Much’. The show reached its climax with several stage divings by people from the dancing crowd and by members of the band. After an encore with further hits and spectacular costumes of Bonaparte, Crimson rounded off the night. We can say people had an intense experience and a permanent memory of the Electronic Beats launch.

Published May 20, 2011.