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Electronic Beats Readers’ Poll: Your Favorite Music Video of 2013

MTV may be just be TV these days, but the music video is a stronger platform for artists—and for art—than ever before.

We’re constantly bombarded with a massive variety of audio-visual pleasures—just look at our weekly Videodrome column if you don’t believe us. Sorting through all of that can be an extremely hypnotic experience, just as it can often be quite trying. You know what we’re talking about, though; when we asked you what your favorite videos were this year, you responded with a deluge of answers. Sorting through that was hypnotic as well, in the sense of looking at a lot of very small text, but the consensus was quite strong for a few select names.

Last year, your favorite videos came from M.I.A., Grimes, Flying Lotus, Le1f, and Scuba. And this year? Have a look…


1. FKA twigs – “Water Me” 

Visuals are a big reason for FKA twigs’ success this year. That’s not to say her recent EP2 isn’t fantastic, but one look at the uncanny morphology of “Water Me” makes it easy to understand why she’s become such a phenomenon of late.


2. Moderat – “Bad Kingdom”

You guys really liked Moderat this year. “Bad Kingdom”, a tale of one young man’s journey through the underworld in 1966 and hand-drawn by the Berlin design bureau Pfandfinderei, is definitely a good case for their inclusion here.


3. Gesaffelstein – “Pursuit” 

EBM: not just for angry Teutonic men in leather anymore. At a time when these post-industrial dance vibes are the strongest they’ve been in the electronic music consciousness since the eighties, French producer Gesaffelstein’s latest album Aleph and the stylish and gold-plated videos that accompany each new single feels like the most club-friendly conceptualization possible of that aesthetic.


4. Oneohtrix Point Never – “Problem Areas” 

Daniel Lopatin’s recent album R Plus 7 was possibly his most beautiful work yet; in fact, everything he’s been doing lately has been enrapturing our eyes as well as ears (have you visited his website yet?). Still, as much as we enjoy “Problem Areas”, we can’t help but feel that you guys forgot about his other video


5. Bob Dylan – “Like A Rolling Stone” (viewable only on his own site)

It was a risky bet to take one of the most beloved and classic songs in the world and bring it into the present day—who would watch it, outside of established, older fans? The answer: turn it into an interactive video of insane proportions, featuring a cast of characters that includes Danny Brown. If you haven’t seen it yet, your 2013 is not complete. ~


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Published December 27, 2013.