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Electronic Beats Recommends Azari & III in review

Electronic Beats Recommends Azari & III  in review Azari & III have just finished their Electronic Beats Presents tour of Europe! With When Saints Go Machine supporting and six great shows, it was a tour that neither the Toronto foursome or their fans are likely to forget. After a successful start in Munich’s Feierwerk, the group hit chilly Vienna. The winter-like atmosphere was quickly thawed by their amazing show at the Pratersauna, before it was on to Cologne’s Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld. Located under a train station, the venue was the perfect showcase the Azari & III to play their hit ‘tracks’, with the crowd being suitably appreciative of a subtle joke.

Hamburg was definitely in a party mood, with the audience rushing the stage to freak out with the group. Cedric took this as a sign to change places and rush the audience, joining them in the dance and making everyone throw their hands up high. Then to Berlin and their sold out show at Gretchen, and we have to say it was truly unforgettable. Sweaty house magic that had our bodies aching from so much dancing! The band then went on to Leipzig to headline the Audioinvasion Festival before making a final stop in Amsterdam’s Trouw Club, a former paper factory that Azari & III filled with their body-shaking sounds. It certainly didn’t hurt that the factory had such an amazing sound system!

With all said and done and some welcome rest needed for everybody, we would just like to say a final thank you to Azari & III , When Saints Go Machine and everyone involved for yet another amazing Electronic Beats Presents tour.

Published November 21, 2011.