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Electronic Beats Soiree – Review

Electronic Beats Soiree - Review A rainy evening greeted the arrival of our most recent Electronic Beats Soiree. However the EB & Slices team and a crowd of Berlin’s electronic music movers and shakers were not going to let a bit of rain dampen their enthusiasm. Starting a little earlier than usual the evening began with something a little different – an open discussion between the Editor in Chief of our print magazine – Max Dax and cultural polymath Glen O’Brian.

O’Brian was an original member of Andy Warhol‘s factory, has been a creative director for various organizations including Barney’s in New York, a columnist for Interview Magazine and he is currently penning a column for GQ. In their lengthy discussion the two heavyweights entertained the small but attentive crowd with stories of the beginning of Interview Magazine – “Andy [Warhol] wanted to talk to celebrities” O’Brian’s attitude to the internet – ” I love it, because I can publish whenever and wherever I want” and the future of print – which both agreed was very healthy.

With the discussion over Max then played some records from his extensive collection for the arriving guests, who after shaking off the rain and the cold, settled in to the decadent surroundings of Berlin’s HBC club – a welcome respite from the weather outside. After ordering drinks from the bar guests could also enjoy complimentary oysters and take a moment to unwind. With the space suitably busy, Max handed over control of the decks to our guest DJ – Wolfram – the irrepressible Austrian with a penchant for euro-centric beats played a classy selection of electronic disco and house with just an aura of the night about his set.

With small groups of people drifting, mingling and enjoying the music, some people read copies of the Electronic Beats Magazine whilst others chatted business and pleasure until late into the night.

All in all a fun and informative soiree, with the EB team suffering just a bit of a sore head the next day.

Published September 14, 2011.