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EUShorts likes fashion and poetry short films

EUShorts likes fashion and poetry short films It’s always good to see devoted fans step forward and spread their love and passion, embracing the DIY ethos and starting promising projects on their own. Fortunately numerous creative endeavors have been born in Budapest’s underground culture (music, fashion, film) in the last years, one of them being EUShorts, a festival presenting the best of short films from the EU area and beyond.

Co-founded in 2007 by a handful of film fanatics, the festival seems to have grown up with their last (completely sold out!) installment in November ’11. Besides their regular annual showcase, they also started ‘EUShorts Likes’, a special edition of their project which presents a curated selection of shorts in a certain subject. After unusual pairing of topics like porno & horror, sci-fi & musical, EUShorts’ next effort is to find the connection between fashion & poetry, or more likely between poet icons and their fashion muses. The festival will feature short films from the likes of Denis Villeneuve (Next Floor), Kathy Bates (Cadaver), Tilda Swinton, Marion Cotillard, Karl Lagerfeld, Tavi Gevinson, John Cameron Mitchell, Martin Grauds, Theodore Ushev and Hungarian talents László Csaba Klement and Ákos Badits.

EUShorts Likes takes place between April 6th-7th at the Toldi Art Cinema in Budapest accompanied by parties with Bounce & Ponza and Demon Superior. Program details are due to come; visit EUShorts’ Facebook page for further info.

Published March 28, 2012.