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Five tracks with Azari & III

Five tracks with Azari & III When Azari & III came to our offices, we sat them around a table and dropped five of our favorite tracks on them from artists we’ve recently covered while they wrote down their thoughts. Here they are, thoughtfully transcribed for you!

JAWS – Stress Test

Alexander: When I listen to this kind of stuff my girlfriend gets irritated, but I love it. Also, this track develops into an ill sex jam. This could be some 50+ guy, but it’s some kid from the West Coast, which substantiates my theory that we’re entering a renaissance period. I’m more excited than I’ve been in decades.
Fritz: Spikey and chilly, warlock haunted house music.
Cedric: Awaiting sentencing on Death Row. Jury is on drugs. Sexual deviation. Suspension and elevation. Sub-dominatrix. Vampiric raves. Hermaphrodites and trannies.

Fatima al Qadiri – Vatican Vibes

Alexander: The Alice Coltrane of S&M. Coil-esque ritual jams. Enigma’s sample library.
Fritz: The Legend of Zelda. Not so much…
Cedric: Fireflies & manga.

Legowelt – You Can’t Fly Away From The Hood

Alexander: Me and Nakamichi go way back. I’m putting out a solo EP with Turbo next year.
Fritz: Laser sexy. Hard to describe this because I’m cold so I’m hearing it from a chilly place.
Cedric: Fierce runway. Alien calling. Space travel.

U.S. Girls – The Boy Is Mine

Alexander: U.S. girls are the best. North American girls in general. The best of the world’s gene pools.
Cedric: Stomp the yard.

Kingdom – Fogs

Alexander: Goth soca with a Photek vibe. Nice bass note under the kick.
Fritz: Wave your flag. Kinetic movement.
Cedric: Military initiation. Tribal marriage. Deity, royalty.

Published December 05, 2011.