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If, in this world, there is still something that you really need, it’s a premium account. A what? Let me explain: I want to recommend a premium account with Uploaded. Ever since Kim Dotcom and his Megaupload empire broke apart last year (alongside the swift collapse of countless other high profile file sharing facilitators like FileSonic and FileFactory) it has become increasingly difficult to know where to spend your money if you’re in the market for a dependable file sharing account. Uploaded is my tip. Of course, this being file sharing, the p-word quickly rears its ugly head. While we’re not advocating using Uploaded for illegal ends, it’s an interesting topic that bears examination—is piracy merely accelerating the death of the music industry? The entrepreneurs behind these Filesharing companies obviously see it from a radically different point of view. Ernesto Van Der Sar, creator of TorrentFreak, a website charting developments in the file sharing industry, argues that: “Studies have shown that those who pirate actually spend more on music than the average buyer. Pirates are often the music industry’s biggest customers and I believe that a big chunk of all piracy is complementary”. Furthermore, a study by the North Carolina State University earlier this year showed that, “more piracy leads to more album sales”. Finally Alexandra Zwinqli, CEO of adds that: “During the last decade or so, data availability has become essential. We don’t only want to access the internet wherever we are, but want to be able to access our own digital data from everywhere and with any device. Cloud storage services such as RapidShare are the solution to this requirement. In a few years, people will no longer feel the need to constantly copy everything to all their devices. From a business perspective, people now often have to send extremely large files to colleagues or clients. Services such as RapidShare are the perfect solution.” Convinced? You can buy a premium account on Uploaded here.

Published October 17, 2012.