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For Sale 4

Once a week I go through Matthew Robertson’s book Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album to find a record released by Factory Records that I don’t own yet. I usually set myself a limit on what to spend, say no more than 10, 20 or 50 Euros, and then go straight to Discogs which is my favorite platform to buy old music from these days. My recommendation to you is to head to Discogs, type in “The Durutti Column” and then look for their album The Return of the Durutti Column which was released in late 1979. The first edition was housed in a sleeve made of sandpaper and initial copies included a flexi disc. Click on “Buy vinyl”, use your PayPal account and wait for the record to arrive within approximately ten days. It’s that easy! Oh, try and ignore the fact that the only copy for sale from a private seller costs an astounding 306.79 Euros—and it doesn’t even include the flexi!

Published October 23, 2012.