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For Sale: Damir Doma

The only thing better than buying Damir Doma‘s perfect clothing is buying it for much, much less than originally advertised. The above shell fabric pants, taken from his FW11 collection, are voluminous, drop-crotchy and amazingly comfortable to wear—especially since I paid a mere 175€ for them. “WHOA, hold up there, you Hollywood asshole!”, you might be thinking. “That’s still a lot of money for a damn pair of pants.” Which is true, but it’s considerably cheaper than the original price tag. Besides, everyone should have a few really nice articles of clothing. Even sitting in your closet, it’s such a good feeling. Off-season shopping is where it’s at, and Berlin’s YUU is a great place to start…if you live in Berlin, anyway.

Published January 14, 2013. Words by Daniel Jones.