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Fort Romeau is Jack Rollin’

Fort Romeau is Jack Rollin' Fort Romeau is going to be a new name to most people. Mike Norris, as he is known in the real word, plays keyboard in La Roux’s live show to earn his crust (well we guess..) but today we want to highlight his new solo project Fort Romeau and Kingdoms, the debut album he is going to release on Amanda Brown’s 100% Silk label later this year. Having made music for a number of years, it looks like the next few months are going to be the break out ones for Norris. His radiant, reflective house music is certainly on the spring 2012 money, and if this free track ‘Jack Rollin’ is anything to go by we can expect some chromium plated, top-drawer house music when the album drops on March 6th.

Published January 17, 2012.