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Free download: Dubstep Is Fun! Vol. 5

Free download: Dubstep Is Fun! Vol. 5 Dubstep Is Fun! is an ambitious compilation by Bitlab Records. It’s a CC-licensed release, which means it’s free to download and distribute, so go right to their download page and check it out.

Started by Noise64 and András Hargitai a/k/a Banyek in 2009, originally a compilation for Hungarian dubstep, the series evolved and started to include tracks from other countries as well. The current installation, Vol. 5 also contains music by artists from Estonia, Czech Republic, UK and Holland.
Dubstep Is Fun! does what it says on the box: it shows you a wide range of new music, and it also manages to have some fun with it in the process. The release is divided into four ‘sides’ that represent four flavours: dancefloor oriented stuff, deep, chiptune, and spaced out. It’s a great collection of really varied stuff and sometimes it even makes you nod like a monkey.

welcome by noise64

FULL SPEKTRUM – YOU GOT THE LOVE (Free Download) by Full Spektrum

Far from Summer by WaTa


Cosmodrome by banyek314

Published November 23, 2011.